© 2017 NPS Inc. All rights reserved. NPS Racing started machining cylinder heads in the 1990’s. Our Machine shop is all in house with top of the line machinery. Cylinder Heads and Top End Kits.  We offer cylinder head services for all late model sportbikes, mini sprint car and 4 stroke single offraod applications. From the full outlaw NPS Powerhead to basic competition valve jobs we can get the most out of your motorcycle race engine or mini / micro sprint engine. We also offer NPS Power-Up top end kits for the most popular Motorcycle Race Engines. Each kit is specifically designed and R&D’d for optimum performance for your model. Kits include NPS cylinder head machining & porting, cam sprockets, race tensioner, head gasket and drop in exhaust camshaft. Valve Jobs and Seat Machining All valve jobs are performed on Serdi multi angle equipment. We can perform radius valve seat cutting, valve refacing and seat replacements. Pro Cylinder Head Assembly Head surfacing to set desired compression ratios and the computer plotting of valve spring rates are also key benefit with NPS Heads.  Porting Services We have been porting heads for a long time and know what works from countless R&D on the flow bench, Dyno & track. We can also perform velocity intake tract reshaping. NPS Cylinder Heads