© 2017 NPS RACING. All rights reserved. NIAGARA POWERSPORTS INC.    Located in Western, NY, the company was started in 1995 by AMI graduate Will O’Connor as a performance service shop for the local sportbike market.  NPS is now a leader in race engine building and cylinder head technology for motorcycle racing engines.  We have our own state - of - the - art engine machine shop and dyno facility on the premises.  Over the years, we have worked on just about everything that would use a motorcycle engine for racing.  We have helped many racers achieve their racing goals, and NPS RACING ENGINES have won numerous championships and races throughout the country in many different racing classes and series. We always strive for being above the competition and to be the best in performance, technology and quality.  Whether its a 210hp normally aspirated Superbike engine or a 140hp 600cc methanol burning Microsprint engine... we can do it!  Always feel free to email or call us anytime, and we will always do our best to help you NPS Shop Capabilties: Engine Building Services Cylinder Head Services Dynamometer Tuning Internal Engine Coatings Sportbike Services Fuel Injector Cleaning NPS RACING... Inovation, Technology and Quality. At NPS Racing we have been providing motorcycle race engine services since 1995. We can build, machine and R&D engines and components for the Motorcycle Roadrace, 600 Microsprint Engine and MX4 Offroad Industries. Look around our site and feel free to contact us for your race engine needs.